Large Concrete Blocks - Reclaimed & Repurposed
Large Concrete Blocks
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Our Blocks

We see precast v style tongue and groove concrete block in 3 large sizes, they are interlock-able and modular for easier placement. These are large concrete blocks that are made from concrete that has been has been put to good use instead of filling up landfills.


Giant concrete blocks can be used for many purposes. Bins for landscape rock & mulch, also great for retaining walls or property boundaries, landscaping projects, bunkers, security walls, flood diversion, erosion prevention, vehicle diversion for parking lots, and even tough enough to protect against potential landslides

Quality Concrete

Our Blocks are large concrete blocks, which are manufactured from left-over or unused concrete, Have you ever wondered why concrete on an older bridge or roadways last much longer than a sidewalk? Well this is that grade of concrete. Mixed in cement trucks by professionals who engineer high quality blocks. In years gone by would have been dumped and wasted or hauled to a landfill site, Now we aim to repurpose this concrete and turned into a useful product.


With our blocks weighing from 0.9 to 3.6 Short Tons, t The sheer mass of these blocks will provide more support than smaller blocks and the interlocking design make allows for them to be interconnected to for an excellent barrier. They will last for decades and and save you money

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