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We sell reclaimed pallet boards at cost effective pricing. Save time and buy from us. Our boards have all the character and charm that you’re looking for when doing accent walls, crafts, furniture and other DIY projects around your home or business. We also have bulk rates, the more you buy the more you save.


If you are feeling the need to be creative or just enjoy woodworking, these boards will make a great addition to your stock. Locating and disassembling pallets, can be tedious and time consuming. With Reclaimed & Repurposed we carefully disassemble every pallet to handpick the highest quality reclaimed pallet slats for your project.


Using reclaimed pallets for your projects isn’t just a great way to flex your creative muscles. It’s also a way to be environmentally sustainable. By using pallet wood for your projects, you are reusing a resource, and saving a tree from being cut down. Not only does using recycled wood help save trees by reducing the need for new wood, but it also lowers your carbon footprint by saving on the energy that would be used by processing that tree.

Why Pallet Wood?

In 2006 It was estimated that pallet reuse and recycling saved about 5.7 billion board feet of lumber. This is because wood pallets that have reached the end of their life cycle are 100% recyclable. There’s absolutely no good reason why wood pallets should be thrown away in landfills. Our hardwood pallet boards come with nails in the board cut flush. Mostly hardwoods, heat treated and safe for indoor or outdoor use. No chemicals.

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